Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam -Thyroid Function

 (a) Hyper thyroid function. 

(b) The high level of protein in the bearing Thyroxin (Thyroxin - Binding Protein TBG) 

(c) Disease Graves. 

(d) During inflammation of the thyroid gland is active.

(e) Poisoning of the thyroid gland by T3 cases of the low level of both T3 and T4 in the blood: Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam Tom Brimeyer

(a) Lack of thyroid function. 

(b) The low level of protein Thyroxin pregnant.

(c) After partial or total removal of the thyroid gland. 

2. Test free thyroxin (Free T4) supports metabolic activity of the hormone (T4) concentration on the (T4) free (non-mobile protein). 

Tom Brimeyer Review Ranges from the normal level of the hormone free between 0.8-2.4 mg and 100 ml (0.01-0.03 nmol / L). increase the level of this hormone in the case of hyperthyroidism and thyroid function in the case of her infection is also an active n and reduced its level in case of failure and thyroid function, and is useful to measure free thyroxin in confirming the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism when the rise in thyroxin total on the upper boundary of the normal range. 

Calculate the proportion of T3 absorbed on the Resin (Resin T3 uptake - RT3 U) This is an account a measure of the parts is loaded from globulin bearing Thyroxin, if added (T3) irradiated to serum patient, the part of it becomes linked to the protein and remains the other part is free, and then absorbs This fleecing free at (Resin) (is similar material is chemically for industrial purposes) can be separated from the serum because the ratio of (T3) uptake on (Resin) is inversely proportional to the protein-free carrier. , and this percentage ranges a natural between 25-35% we get high value in the case of excessive thyroid function in cases associated with the low level of I.e. bearing Thyroxin also states without any change in the function of the thyroid gland. , and note down the value of this ratio in the case of failure About Us